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We work with many independent local companies and charities to ensure that you and your pet can be as supported as much as possible. As an independent practice ourselves, we like to support other local independent businesses and work together. Please see below the local affiliations. For any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to call us on 01934 624608.

RATA Vets are orthopaedic surgeons and soft tissue specialists who come to your vet practice. Their specialist team come to Beaconsfield for scheduled operations where they will meet you and your pet the morning of the operation and take you through the procedure. After the surgery they will come up with a customised plan with you, for your pet's recovery. 

Harmonious Dogs are a training and behaviour service, based in Brent Knoll. Alison Garforth and Katie Smith offer one to one sessions, workshops and group sessions for puppies and adult dogs. 

Canine Wellbeing is a canine massage run by Alison Garforth (Harmonious Dogs). Alison works one on one with dogs and their care givers with exercises and massage to help bring your dog comfort. 

We work very closely with Mathilde Granger and the team and Vet & Physio, a canine rehabilitation and pain management centre. If your dog has had treatment which may need physiotherapy, such as an orthopaedic operation, physio is something we would suggest and can refer your pet to Mathilde for an assessment. 

Ros Wrightson is a clinical behaviourist who we have a close working relationship. If your pet has a behaviour issue and has been to the practice for a vet consultation, we may advise that you see a behaviourist and can complete a referral for this. 

Companion Haven are an independent cremation company based near Bristol and Bath. They have a beautiful range of pet caskets, urns and jewellery. 

Our local Cats Protection centre is based in Weston-super-Mare. To adopt a cat from Cats Protection or to give a donation, please visit their website.

Our local RSPCA Animal Centre is at Brent Knoll, North Somerset. For any enquiries, please contact If you have welfare concerns over an animal, please call,0300 1234 999.

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