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Kitten Package

Our kitten package has been designed to give your kittens the best start to life, with all their vaccinations included, the safety of a microchip and support from our qualified nursing team. 

kitten in kennel

What's Included

First & second vaccinations

Initial flea & worming products

Microchip (if needed)

Goody bag

Monthly checks with the nurse until 12 months old

Your First Visit

On your first visit to the vets with your new kitten, one of our experienced vets will discuss vacciantions with you. Your kitten may have had it's first vaccination with the breeder, but you are still entitled to our kitten package! The vet will give your kitten a thorough exam and discuss any findings. Your kitten uppy will have lots of cuddles and treats from our experienced team to get them used to the practice.

Monthly Nurse Check

As your kitten grows, we recommend a monthly weight check with our nursing team to ensure your kitten is growing well. We love seeing kittens grow and each month we can discuss a new part of your kitten's life - this will include denistry, nutrition and any other query you have for your kitten. They may even be one of the lucky ones who make it to our Facebook page.

We normally recommend that all kittens, both male and female, can be neutered from four months old. If your kitten does not have one, we can also implant a mircochip at the same time as their neutering.

Cat Carriers

We like all cats to feel comfortable in every part of a vet visit. This includes the journey too; most cat's don't like the car, but having a suitable cat carrier which they are used to can help greatly. We advise that the cat carrier has multiple exits, including the door, top hatch and the top of the cat carrier coming off so that when your cat is at the vets, we can aid them out of the carrier in as cat friendly way as possible.

It is a good idea to make your kitten's carrier as cosy as possible, similar to a dog and a crate. Having warm blankets and soft toys will make your kitten feel comfortable. Leaving the door off so your cat can freely come and go will help make them feel at home and when they're coming to the vets they're in an environment they feel comfortable in.

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