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We love to do what we can and give those who want a career in the Veterinary industry but helping out wherever we can. This can mean as a volunteer for work experience, an enrolled student nurse or a EMS placement for budding veterinary surgeons.


It can be really hard to get into the veterinary industry, but we like to do our best to help where we can. We have partnered up with Bristol University so that students on placement can have an opportunity to work with us, as an independant small animal practice. We also offer EMS placements via Bristol University, please email Helen Avison at to check for availbility. 

In addition to this, we like to train our own students. We have trained many students over the years who have either stayed, or gone onto do wonderful things with their nursing career. As a training provider, we use Abbeydale Vet Nurse Training, who are based in Monmouthshire. The team there are absolutely wonderful and supportive of our students and help create fantastic veterinary nurses.

Whilst we do not have any open vacancies, please feel free to email us at to see if we can help in any way. If you are interested in a career in veterinary nursing, please contact Abbeydale Vet Nurse Training as they have expertise on how to help you carve a career into becoming an Registered Veterinary Nurse.

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