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Our qualified vets do a number of different surgeries daily, which can vary from cat castrates, lump removals to amputations. For any surgical procedure, you can have an estimate beforehand.

A member of the nursing team will admit your pet in the morning (usually between 8:30am - 9:00am). They will go through the safety procedures and an admit questionnaire before taking your pet through to either the cattery or the kennels. We also like to get a weight for your pet on the morning of their operation. 

Those who opt for a pre-operative blood test, this will be done prior to any premedication injection given. We ensure that your pet is safe and as calm as possible. 

If the patient allows us in a safe manner, we will also place an intravenous catheter, for their safety under anaesthetic. 

Each patient will also have their blood pressure measured prior to having their premedication injection. 

Once the patient has had their premedication injection, one of the nursing team will sit with them until they are sleepy. Once sleepy, we will safely take them to the preparation room to induce anaesthesia, where one of our qualified nurses will monitor the anaesthetic. They are dedicated to each and every animal. 

When the patient is under anaesthetic, if they are over 7 years old, we will put them on intravenous fluids to help support them under the anaesthetic. 

Once the surgery is finished, the nursing team will look after your pet until they go home. This means regular checks on recovery, additional medication (if needed), food, water and toileting requirements. They will also arrange your pet's discharge with you. 

Usually, each patient will need to come back in a few days time to see the nursing team for a post operative check. Depending on the surgery and the patient, some post operative checks may be with the vet. 

Each surgery is individual with tailored care to each patient to ensure their safety.

Our team has a wide range of experience so that we can make sure that your pet receives the best care possible.

If you have any questions regarding surgery for your pet, please contact us on 01934 624608. 


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