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Repeat Prescriptions

We offer written prescriptions for patients on long term medications. Please call the surgery on 01934 624608, where our reception team can help you. See below our common questions on ordering a written prescription. 

Sorting Medicine

How do I order repeat prescriptions?

Please give us a call on 01934 624608 and ask one of our reception team for the medication your pet needs. Our reception team will put this onto our online diary for the vet to check and prescribe. We require 48 hours notice for repeat prescriptions as some medications may need to be ordered in. 

Can I have a written prescription?

Yes. If your pet is on long term medications, one of our vets will be able to write a written prescription for you. Please call us and let us know what medications your pet needs, as with medication, we put this onto our online diary for a vet to check, however please state that you would like a written prescription for an online pharmacy and not the medication. 

How much is a written prescription?

Our written prescriptions are £19.50. If you require more than one written prescription, the first charge will be £19.50 and subsequent medications in the same request is £15.00. 

Do I need to see a vet?

You pet will need to see a vet at least every six months for a medication check. This will be an appointment with a vet. Depending on what medication your pet needs, some animals may require a blood test at this check. If your pet is new to a medication, we may need to see them more frequently than six months to begin with. 

If you have any questions regarding a written or repeat prescription, please call the practice on 01934 624608. 

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